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I definitely think this applies to most social media platforms (except for YouTube). I wish more people in positions of leadership overseeing these efforts shared your thinking. 🙌

The problem I encountered when I worked more heavily as a social media marketer was lack of patience from leadership with organic efforts (plus what you said about measuring success in the wrong way).

YouTube though is different.

For example, our channel at VEED helps us drive traffic to generate new free/paid users. So much so we ended up building a whole entire video team to help maximize our efforts. The key though to aligning YouTube with growth was looking at what videos are responsible for driving the most traffic and why?

The other problem many brands have with social is they become obsessed with growth on the platform they never find the sweet spot of content that:

👉 grows your channel/page

👉 supports the business in a measurable way

Instead, too many obsessed over followers and engagement without knowing if the way they drive that engagement and account growth makes sense for them.

You can apply similar thinking to Instagram although I wouldn't measure organic Instagram efforts as aggressively in terms of traffic. But for example you can pinpoint:

1️⃣ What posts drive the most link in bio clicks or swipe ups and why?

2️⃣ When throughout the day or week does this tend to happen?

3️⃣ What posting patterns did you follow that week/month as a whole to get that type of engagement?

Haha long comment 🤣 I really love this topic

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